What can you create?

Action Craft Man creates hand-crafted and tooled holsters & mag pouches for specialty hand-guns, such as 1911, Glock, Khar 9, M&P, XD, and many others. We can also create custom knife sheaths, instrument straps, essential oil bags, belts, tote bags, etc. 


What type of holster should I choose?

  • Hip holsters are the most popular way to carry. The holster sits on the inside or over the back pocket, is easy to hide and very comfortable.
  • Belly or "Appendix" holsters can be worn on the side or up front.
  • The "Tactical" outside-the-waistband carry is not designed for concealment. It is mainly for open carry and is great at the range.


What is a "Nikki"?

The "Nikki" or Nicaragua carry performs as a quick-release trigger guard when carrying "live" is necessary.


What size mag pouches do you offer?

We craft mag pouches for any small-caliber magazine.


What style knife sheaths do you offer?

Knife sheaths are custom made to perfectly fit your special blade!