hand crafted custom leather GOODS & molded kydex
for people who appreciate quality,
and know the difference.


Hullo! I'm Daniel Farnum. I spend my days in relative ease, cramped behind a sewing machine or a granite "tombstone," listening to audiobooks, imbibing coffee and tea, and trying not to stab myself with sharp objects.

Meanwhile, my 8 underpaid fingers, 2 diminutive thumbs, and one slightly unhinged mind toil away, so you, dear online shopper, can have beautiful handcrafted leather articles. Articles that you would be gratified to own, and recommend to others.  Articles so useful and attractive, that you would want your friends to have them in their homes, and adorning their persons.  Articles so monotonous you'd like to stop reading this...

But don't!  

Now that my appeal to pity and attempts at hypnotic suggestion have been tried, allow me to give you a few facts about Action Craft.

  • The business is Missouri based, American made, and family operated (the brothers help me out sometimes).

  • I'm glad to work with you on a custom designed project.

  • I have a Lifetime Guarantee on all my products, and

  • I use leather made from vegetarian cows...and if that don't make you happy, then take it up with my buffalo!

Daniel makes a great product! I highly recommend him.
— Tyler Vining, Oklahoma
When my husband saw Daniel’s work, he just had to have it!
— Hannah Shields, Idaho